Granite Anchor Death Moth Silver Pendant
Granite Anchor Death Moth Silver Pendant
Granite Anchor Death Moth Silver Pendant
Granite Anchor Death Moth Silver Pendant

Granite Anchor Death Moth Silver Pendant

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While the moth itself usually symbolises transformation and metamorphosis, not surprising when their life cycle starts as larvae that eventually turn into a beautiful, winged creature. The skull, making up the other part of death moth, is a ‘Memento Mori’ - Latin for 'remember that you [have to] die.’ It is a symbolic piece of art, reminding us of the inevitability of death.

Our pendants are made right here in Britain, drawn by hand and cut with a big old laser. They’re made of solid 925 Sterling Silver

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Chain Length

Our curb chain is a little edgier. A little old school. Slightly chunkier, it looks great with some of our more classic designs, on the fellas as well as the ladies and is available at all lengths.

The Ball Chain is also known as the Diamond Cut Ball Chain  and, just like its namesake, adds that bit of 'sparkle'. It's a finer chain, better suited to someone who's into daintier jewellery and is available from an 18" chain length, which we recommend for Medium pendants up.

Life fact: figuring out inches is never what it seems. When it comes to chain length, every one is different. Everyone has their own vibe. Over many moons of selling jewellery, though, we've worked out what size pendant sits best on what length, which is what we've made available to your through our store. 


15/16" Fine Curb 18" Curb / Ball 26" Curb / Ball
18" Curb 20" Curb / Ball 30" Curb / Ball
  22" Curb / Ball  

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Pendant Size

Our pendants come in three sizes for necklaces - Small, Medium and Large. The width of the pendants will vary by design (the longhorn reaches wide with those horns, for example) but our pendants are standardised by their height and thickness.


15mm tall
1mm thick
22.5mm tall
1mm thick
32.5mm tall
1mm thick




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